RE/MAX Capital isn't your typical real estate brokerage company. We're patterned after the RE/MAX business model where:

1)  No Salary. We don't pay our associates any salary. In fact, it's our Associates paying RE/MAX Capital a monthly Administrative and Maintenance Fee (AMF). Fees collected are used to contribute to monthly operating expenses of the firm. Plus, it works as a motivation for our Associates to take the work seriously--since they're shelling out money. As of April 4, 2018, it's Php5,500 per month.

2) Commission Split.  When you join RE/MAX Capital as an Apprentice, the firm gets 50% of the fee the Apprentice earns. 10% goes to the mentor of the Apprentice and 2% goes to the agent who recruited the Apprentice (RE/MAX Capital only gets 38%). Once the Apprentice graduates from the program, he/she jumps to a 70%-30% split, where he takes home 70% of the commission.

So why join RE/MAX Capital?

Most Associates who joined the firm are happily still with us for a number of reasons:

1)  Savings. If they did the whole practice by themselves, they would need to spend at least:

a. Php3,000 per month for the same subscriptions for Lamudi and Property 24,

b. ~Php12,000 per month for a assistant/liaison officer they wouldn't able to utilize 24/7,

c. Php15,000 to Php25,000 per month for a seat in decent office in Makati,

d. Priceless -- the 24/7 assistance/help on any problem they may encounter in their deals.

Yes, you may be spending money to work with our firm, but you're going to spend even more if you did it by yourself.

2) R.E.S.P.E.C.T. The "RE/MAX Capital" brand brings with it a working environment centered on trust, integrity and ethical standards--and other brokers know this. When you ask about another broker's listing, they would automatically respect you the moment they hear you're from RE/MAX Capital. They would share more details with you--details they wouldn't share just to any other broker. Try it out yourself and call a broker with a listing in Forbes Park and tell him you're from XYZ Realty. Then try calling and telling them you're from "RE/MAX".

3) Higher Professional Fee. When you're a starting out as a broker, it's quite difficult to negotiate for a higher than normal--say, 5%--professional fee. But if you have a firm behind you, one that holds office in Rockwell, it's easier. It's easier to ask for a higher fee when they know you have a team of several lawyers, bankers, and entrepreneurs--each of whom have valuable experience from their respective professions.

4) Network. What happens when you get that Php250 Mn listing? Who do you sell it to? Most of us would only know of one person who can afford to buy these properties. If you're in RE/MAX Capital, you'll have a bigger network of high net worth individuals.

5) Guidance. Since you're dealing with multi-million peso transactions, you can't afford to make mistakes--they would easily cost you hundreds of thousands. When you work with RE/MAX Capital, you have 24/7 access to mentors who can guide you to avoid making these costly mistakes.

Career Path

In your career as a real estate broker, there will come a point where you would want to stop marketing the smaller listings and just want to focus on the bigger deals. It's just too tedious and time taking. In RE/MAX Capital, we offer just that: a career path where Apprentices can become Regular Associates, Mentors, and ultimately a Partner--just like law firms. You can earn passive income as you go up the corporate ladder.

Try it out!

Imagine a future without limits by joining RE/MAX Capital today. We currently have a promo where you could try out our program and if you decide that it's not for you, we'll give back what you spent for the Administrative and Maintenance Fee!